Tips For Designing Stickers People Will Actually Want To Use

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You might have noticed that younger people have stickers covering their laptops. This might strike you as a great marketing opportunity because many people can easily see the backs of these laptops, and, should your sticker be on the laptop, see your advertisement or logo. If you can crack the laptop sticker market, you can increase the amount of exposure that your company is getting and therefore increase interest in your product. Here are some tips for designing stickers that people will actually want to use.

1. Focus on the Most Recognizable Part of Your Branding

You likely already have a variety of items that you use for branding. You probably have a certain way that your company's name is written, a logo, or even a mascot. You need to do some research to find out which form of branding is the most recognized. For example, the red and white Santa is very recognizable as being related to Coca-Cola. However, the script Coca-Cola is even more recognized by the global community. Therefore, when Coca-Cola wants to make a decal, they should go with the script of their name, rather than Santa.

2. Keep It Simple

Nothing screams advertisement more than an overloaded sticker. You don't want to overload your sticker with information about your product. Instead, keep it as simple as possible. Choose your logo, name, or mascot that is in an interesting pose and put it in the center of the sticker. Don't add anything else. If you are a newer company and are worried that your logo isn't yet recognized by the public enough, but you want to increase its overall recognition levels, consider putting the name of your company on the bottom in much smaller letters. Companies that are already well-established should not have to do this and should focus on minimal design instead.

3. Consider Getting Rid of White Space

Finally, you might have to decide if you want the edges of your logo, company name, or mascot image to extend to the end of the sticker or if you want a bit of a white space buffer between your image and the edge of the sticker. One way to determine this is to see what companies with similar stickers are doing and then do the opposite in order to make sure that your sticker is able to stand out on a laptop.

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