How To Market Your Embroidery Patterns

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If you are whip smart at designing and executing your own embroidery patterns, why not share your talents with the world while making some income as well? There are many different avenues that you can walk down to sell your unique patterns. All you need is to make your patterns market ready, then pick how and where you would like to sell you patterns.

Preparing your designs for the market

Make your designs digital

For your embroidery edmonton designs to be competitive, they need to be digitized. The cost of doing this has come down in the past few years, and there are tutorials online that tell you what software you need and how to use it. This will insure that your designs are clean and professional looking. You can also farm out your digitizing to someone else who has experience converting embroidery patterns.

Make samples

Make samples of  each of your designs to be photographed and also to be used as display items. Not only will this let your potential customer know what the design looks like when it's executed, it will help you work out any kinks in the design if you make it from the digitized pattern.

Photograph your samples

Photograph your items with a plain background and even lighting. If you aren't handy with a camera, consider paying a professional photographer to photograph your catalog of work. Put a photo of each finished design on the packaging for your patterns.

Start simple

Start with your best twenty designs and see how they sell so you don't feel overwhelmed trying to constantly come up with new designs.

Put the address of your website on each pattern

If somebody enjoys embroidering your design, they are going to want to find more, and recommend your patterns to their friends.

Places to sell your embroidery patterns

Sewing expos

This is a great way to introduce a large amount of people to your product. You don't need a large booth. Just a sample of each pattern and boxes full of each pattern you are selling. Try raffling off one of your samples as a way to get contact information from your booth visitors, and also as a way to draw traffic to your booth.

Local craft, sewing, and knitting stores

Make a sample or two for each store to be displayed with your patterns.


It is imperative that you have a website or an online store for your wares. Don't put any high resolution images of your patterns online though, people might be tempted to print out a copy of the online image of your pattern rather than purchasing one. Put up pictures of the finished product instead.